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Industrial engineer

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Loznica, Serbia

Minth Group stands as a global leader in the manufacturing of exterior and structural automotive parts. With a workforce of 22,331 employees distributed across four business units and 77 global plants and offices, our operations span three continents and 14 countries. We take immense pride in serving a diverse clientele, encompassing over 70 automobile brands from all over the world. Leveraging one of the world’s most comprehensive and diverse customer platforms, Minth has made significant investments in the electrification of the automotive industry, positioning itself as the world’s largest supplier of battery enclosures and body structure components.

At Minth Group, our commitment extends beyond business success to the creation of a sustainable society and future for all. We champion green innovations and increasingly adopt green energy in our operations. Concurrently, we are dedicated to providing high-performance, superior-quality automotive parts that adhere to the highest global standards, continually driving innovation within the automotive industry.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Design and optimize layouts for new plants and mass production projects.
  2. Implement automation solutions to enhance production efficiency.
  3. Lead Lean Manufacturing projects focused on improving efficiency, eliminating waste, and standardizing technology.
  4. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and engage employees in proposing and implementing improvements.
  5. Drive cost reduction initiatives and manage projects like VA/VE and MPS.


  • College degree and previous relevant experience.
  • Strong knowledge of Lean Manufacturing principles and industrial engineering tools.
  • Excellent communication and project management skills.
  • A keen sense of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement.

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