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Meet Our IT Team

Vladimir Stefanović, IT Manager at Minth Serbia

Our IT Manager Vladimir worked as help-desk engineer, IT System Administrator, and Internet Service Provider Manager. Based on his words, looking for new challenges, always aiming to work in a highly competitive environment, where he could utilize his talents and professional knowledge, he came to the Minth company. He started working for Minth company in mid-December 2019, almost from the very arrival of the company in Serbia. He came to the position of IT manager and from the very beginning, his job was very dynamic, but he managed to establish an initial IT system in the MAE and enable other employees to do their job using those systems. He took care of the IT assets, documentation, built a reliable network of equipment suppliers, and worked on the procurement of this equipment for all Mint factories

In addition to the already mentioned, one of the achievements we would like to highlight the successful TISAX certification of our company. TISAX is the world’s leading automotive-specific information security standard. Automotive digitalization is driving the need for robust, proactive information security management. Certification to TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) enables Minth to meet industry requirements and demonstrate to our customers we take data protection seriously.
Every day, massive amounts of data are created and exchanged across the automotive industry throughout the entire lifecycle, from design and testing, to validation, homologation, and production. This notably includes security data related to the project development phases for parts and systems, as well as manufacturing process and automated, networked production data.

“In the right hands, technology is a game-changer. Every day, our colleagues rely on our IT expertise to craft technology solutions that inspire confidence and drive business outcomes. I am the person who wants to manage the people and the resources and the system, figuring out how to organize people and systems to maximize results. The IT employee usually hates this stuff; Managers live for it. They get excited about thinking about a better way to do things.”

 Vladimir Stefanović, IT Manager at Minth Serbia